About Us

Sivan Azin Gharb Ltd. Company Introduction


After a decade of continuous and active attendance in the various commercial and trading field particularly importing and exporting different commodities and the services under management of multiple companies, Sivan Azin Gharb .Co ultimately was established in 2012 and was incorporated in 2012/11/19 with the registration number 4284 and 10300069679 national ID, considering the essential and increasing need of those foresaid companies managers to an active and independent firm in the field of export and import, it set out to begin its business as a commercial and marketing Iranian corporation.

Sivan Azin Gharb .Co  want to become one of the most effective and powerful firms in the country despite a short time- record of presence , a forceful administrative power (arm) to export Iranian products and import Mobile phones and accessories.
We are doing utmost to expand our attendance in foreign markets through exporting/importing  products of good quality.
Our chief goal is to render services to the dear customers and satisfy them.