Portland Cement Type II

This type of cement meets the requirements of ISIRI Standards NO . 389 , USA Standard / ASTM C150 With a maximum C3A (Tricalium aluminate , 3(CaO)(A12O3) Content of 8% , its standard mortar gains initial and ultimate strength at a slower rate than Type 1 cement . As a cement modified against moderate sulfate attack , Type II Cement is more resistant than ordinary Cement and it is used in underground waters or soil containing little sulfate (water should be less than 1200 ppm and the soil less than 0/5% ) and , also , due to its low heat generation it is used in bulk concreting.

Type II Portland Cement is effective at ambient air temperatures over 32 C and in bulk concreting at temperature over 15 C . it is not allowed to use Type II Portland cement in environments where both sulfate and chloride are present as well as in cold – weather concreting.